Teserakt partners with VerneMQ

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Octavo Labs AG, the company behind the open-source MQTT broker VerneMQ. At Teserakt we have reviewed part of VerneMQ’s internals and source code, and also tested it in combination with our MQTT encryption solution. We really liked VerneMQ for reasons including its:

  • Security: Although Teserakt’s E4 solution aims to protect against compromised brokers, we prefer to use a secure broker. VerneMQ follows best security practices, minimizes the risk of memory corruption bugs, and is one of the few brokers with secure-by-default settings.
  • Scalability: Thanks to its Erlang-based design, VerneMQ easily scale horizontally and vertically by fully utilizing multicore architectures.
  • Ease of use: VerneMQ is simple to build, run, and configure, and offer lots of options as well as a comprehensive documentation.

As described in more detail in our slide deck, the partnership consists in the following actions:

  • Octavo Labs includes Teserakt’s encryption technology in their MQTT offering, to allow their customers to directly deploy end-to-end secure MQTT in their infrastructure.
  • Teserakt selects VerneMQ as its first approved broker, which concretely means that VerneMQ will be part of our continuous integration process and test suites, and will be recommended to Teserakt customers (other brokers may be approved after a technical assessment from our team).

We’d like to thank the VerneMQ team for this collaboration! For any questions, please get in touch at [email protected].