Teserakt partners with P3KI

We’re happy to join forces with P3KI GmbH, provider of the P3KI Core decentralized PKI solution for access delegation applications. We like what P3KI is doing because we think that it’s useful, well-engineered, and developed with security in mind.

The P3KI Core product can be seen as a kind of PKI but with more decentralization, and with precise expression of permission levels thanks to a mathematically-verified language, which adresses most authorization and authentication challenges.

Concretely, this partnership consists in bundling the P3KI’s authorization management and Teserakt’s key management services in a single appliance, simplifying and reducing the cost of integration of these two complementary products. More details are available in our slide deck.

For any questions, please get in touch at [email protected]. See also P3KI’s announcement.